School Of Vocal Music


Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I learn music online? Especially Indian Classical Music?

Swarangan school has done a lot of research to make it easy for students to learn Indian Classical Music Online thru Skype. Our Music courses are brought to life through a well-structured curriculum, which is designed to create and keep the interest for students to continue to learn music.


Do I have to start at the Beginner level in a series if I have already studied music?

As per swarangan policies students interested in joining advanced classes are given the assessment. Our teacher will discuss the results with the student to determine the most appropriate level of studying music. Is it possible for anyone to learn music irrespective of age/voice quality? TheSwarangan school of music shares its love for music with people across the globe by making music learning easy and fun. We definitely believe that one can learn music as long as there is a passion for learning, as well as practice on a daily basis.


Can a student enroll in multiple courses?

Yes, Our school allows its students to enroll in multiple courses. Note that classes are subject to the availability of time slots and teachers.


How do I pay for courses? Can partial payments be made?

Pls. contact us for the mode of payment. We currently do not have any option for partial payments. We kindly request you to make the full payment at the time of enrollment.

Can two or more students use the same account for the online classes? As per our school policies, an enrollment is only applicable to a single student. Each additional student needs to have a separate enrollment.


I am having network issues/voice/video and sound clarity (or) lag issues for online class. Please check with your network provider in case of network issues. Voice and sound lags could also be due to your network connection is relatively slow and or problems with your headset. In order to avoid this , we recommend that you check your system at least 15 minutes prior to each class. In case of any other questions, contact us at swaranganschoolofmusic@gmail.com.