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Chandana Dixit is the founder of "Swarangan school of music" in Washington USA. her first Guru and mentor who was a trained classical musician with a Sangeet Visharad the famous singer Saraswaswati Rane of the Kirana Gharana was the training ground for her to become a Hindustani classical & a playback singer in Hindi movies.

Currently she working on her soon to be released pop album also fusion lounge album based with a classical touch and experimentation with classical themes and conducting a series of classical music concerts.She has started swaranagan school of music to Provide a professional training in Carnatic Vocal, Hindustani Vocal, Devotional & Hindi Movie songs.she is committed to integrate the key aspects of quality, professionalism and respect to direct this music school to be a preferred choice to its students.Creation of an effective training system. To rationalise traditional data with the help of modern research methods and technology.



Who we are and our mission

"Swarangan" deliver quality training and achieving excellence in whatever we do with a culture of transforming best practices and to communicate complex things in a simple, clear & concise manner We develop & retain exceptional talents who have "can do" attitude.


Who we are and our vision

"Swarangan" We take pride in recog nizing your vision to help you achieve what's important to you, we intend to work fairly while training, be a good place to learn, and build enduring relationships because we know you value this approach. ''



Swarangan Classical Community

Swarangan School of Music "the classical campus" established in 2011 with the objective of preserving and promoting Hindustani Classical Music. Its training system is essentially the Guru-Shishya Parampara with suitable contemporary inputs.